Week 1: Setup

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Week 1 of the project is an absolute minimal setup step. Get your compiler and libraries available, but don't open a window or draw anything yet.

We make a new project, fill it with the normal sorts of files for a Haskell project, and then we're almost ready to go. You could do this with cabal-install (cabal init) or with stack (stack new projectName), but I only use stack myself, so my guidance will be stack focused from here on out.

The biggest weird thing at this stage is that hexes isn't on Hackage at the moment, so we'll have to specify the git location ourselves. We can just add a bit to the stack.yaml file and we're good to go:

resolver: lts-8.19
- '.'
- location:
    git: https://github.com/Lokathor/hexes.git
    commit: 38f855f46b3e9c9c7c6d3a668d87af9cdc687e8a
  extra-dep: true
extra-deps: []
flags: {}
extra-package-dbs: []

Note that the extra-dep: true part has to be lined up with the location: above it, and it's totally separate from the extra-deps: [] line below. Annoying, very poorly documented, but that's how it goes.

Here's the git commit for our initial setup.

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